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I know it took few days to post the day 4, but i have mum around this week, and i gotta give all my attention to her ;)

Day 4 started with the disembarkation in BCN, and my friend Jhenifer Heloizy were there, at the terminal A, on the BCN cruise port to get me, Fernando and Paul and took us to the Marbella beach, where we had time to catch up and get some sun tan ;)

Then, we had a drink at a traditional Argentinian place, named "leche merengada" (that's sooooooooo good!!!!)...

After that, we had time to come back to the ship, have dinner and get ready to go to the opening party of the "CIRCUIT" in BCN... Shame that we only had time to stay there until 3am, then we had to head back to the ship and we departed towards IBIZA...

So, we head back to our room, and we were getting ready to go to bed (to sleep), and Paul knocked our door and with him were around 6 other guys!!! He asked: "Can we come in?", hehehehhehe...

What do you think i've answered?!?!??!

Of coooooooooourseeeeeee!!!!!! haahhahahah... So, another orgy started, and this one was going to take bigger proportions than the last one, heehhehe...




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  1. Looks like you guys had a blast at the beach! I miss BCN! What a shame the photos are so tiny!

    • Sorry mr, my bad… Now the pics are big enough to see, lol… xxx

      There’s still another 5 days to come on the Atlantis med cruise 2011…

  2. Enjoyed a lot of fun Harry…haha~
    A nice and wonderful kissing scene between you and Fernando,
    I like it sooooo much :-D
    Feel free to follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/IcelordMiguel
    Thank you so much Harry

  3. as always harry, you and the ever gorgeous fernando are looking so good. but who is the hot guy in the photo with the thumbs up- i to give him a thumbs up for looking so sexy!

  4. wow! another orgy!

  5. Sexy pics!! What’s the brand of that sexy Ganesh bikini Fernando’s wearing? Where did he get it? I need one!! (Or is it just Fernando and you I need :-
    ) !)

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