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So, day two started with the ship arriving at Florence - Italy , but we chose not to go sigh-seen, we've just stayed at the ship and enjoyed a great day by the swimming pool... With all those hot guys all over the deck, in swimwear, do you think i would leave that ship to see something that i already know?!?!?1 lol... Nooooooooooo way!!! So, hanging out by the pool, we've met the great Pam Ann, and she was soooo sweet, besides of funny and high energy the whole time!

After lunch, we went for a gym session, and work our bodies out for the party that it was coming later that night... The first themed party for this trip, and it was named "ALL THAT GLITTERS", so, by the name you can imagine that everyone were shinning and glitter were flying all over the ship, lol...

I bet that Atlantis would never dare to do such a party again, because, by the look of the lobby's and our cabin, i think they will take at least a month to clean "all that glitters", hahahahhaha... You had to see our cabin, and our balcony... In the next day, with the sunlight it looked like a million dollars cabin, it was shinning and gold, lol...

Anyway, we've got to the party, and it was amazing fun, music were great, people were full of glitter, and of course me and Fernando as well!!!

The party lasted until about 3:30am, and after that, we went to our cabin, with two hot Brazilian guys, and no need to mention what happened the rest of the night, lol...

So, here are some pics of day 2... Hope you all enjoy it ;)


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