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Galera, esse eh mais um post pros Brasileiros, em especial pros que moram no centro-oeste do Brasil ;)

Dia 12/03 estarei atendendo a festa "WE PARTY", que sera realizada na Blue Space, em Brasilia...

A "WE PARTY" foi uma das festas mais prestigiadas no circuito Europeu do ano passado, e agora esta em TOUR, e atendendo algumas capitais Brasileiras...

Com a super producao do diretor artistico espanhol CHRISTIAN DRACK, a tb a presenca dos Dj's ANDRE QUEIROZ E GILMAR GALUCHO (residentes da Blue Space BSB), e o Dj residente da WE PARTY MIGUEL DEL DIEGO, a "WE PARTY" em Brasilia promete ser um grande sucesso...

Mais uma vez meu grande amigo Manu Santoro traz a Brasilia uma super festa para agitar a noite dos candangos ;)

Sera um prazer atender a cidade onde me viu crescer, e ao meu publico de Brasilia ;)

Inicialmente a idea era pra ser do video gravado em frente ao BIG BEN (o maior icone daqui de Londres), mas, devido ao forte vento e da falta de memoria da pessoa aqui, ehheheheheh, acabei gravando aqui em casa mesmo... Mas, ficou muito engracado meus erros de gravacao no BIG BEN, entao, vale a pena ver e rir de mim um pouco ;) Espero que os divirta, ehehehhehe...

Um super abraco, e os vejo em Marco...


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Hey everyone, i'm glad to say that this UKNM movie it was shot only two days ago, and it seems so hot that producers are speeding up the edition time, and we should have it released really soon :)

Meanwhile, i have some hot brand new pics for you guys...

Hope you all enjoy it ;)


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Hey everyone, oday i've had my 9th scene with uknakedmen and it was a really hot scene...

I've played a roll of a guy, that had his rich "daddy" away, and then i've called two hung sexy escorts to have fun with it...

When Harley Everett and Drew Brody came along, they were already hard to have such a young client alling them... So, what else would i do if not get fucked by these two hunk man?

After a gret sucking session, they both took turns fucking me, and all started with Harley fucking me dog style, while i've sucked Drew huge 10 inches of black meat!!!

Then, Drew took over the situation, and shove every inch of that 10 inches uncut cock!!!

So, watch out for this hot upcoming scene at www.uknakedmen.com

Hope you all enjoy my first 100% bottoming scene ;) Coming up soon at UKNM ;)


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Hey everyone, hope everybody is fine ;) So, i've just got the new Bentley Race photoshoot and i would love to share it with you all...

So here, is what Bentley Race said about my shoot : " One of the highlights of my vacation in Berlin was getting to meet Harry Louis. I posted some photos of Harry showering a couple of months ago. These are the shots where Harry came out wearing some skimpy little shorts and long socks. He looked really hot! And as soon as he started posing for me I could see the huge tube in his shorts trying to escape. We took a whole lot of photos, these are just a few of them. I was a bit bummed that we had only met on his last day in Berlin because I would have liked to have done some more shooting with him. I think Harry would look really hot posing outdoors."

So, i hope you all like it, and watch out for the new up coming movie at www.bentleyrace.com



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