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Last Thursday me and Fernando Kairon danced at the party ROOM SERVICE, in London.

The club based at Greek Street, in Soho has a very nice vibe, great music and extremely hot and beautiful guys...

We've had such a great time in the party hostd by the great Jodie Harsh. Here are some pics from last Thursday party.

Have a great day y'all!!!!



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Hey everyone. I will give it a break on telling you guys about my Atlantis med cruise 2011 experience, just too many pics to check before upload, and i'm having a bit of a problem with time management.

But, i'm delighted to say that the latest House of XY photo-shoot named "HOTTEST BLUE" is out, and is looking hot, hot, hot!!!

The pictures taken back in June are to be released at the www.houseofxy.com and the shoot took place at the club Eagle in London.

"House of XY is a brand new voice in the media world, with a focus on high-end gay erotica. Based in Amsterdam, its plan is to conquer the world with a fresh take on cock."

And, i'm very happy because it's a really hot, fetish photo-shoot, and of course, the chemistry between me and Fernando showed what hot stuff we have planned for you all over the next months ;)



And much more to come...




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I know it took few days to post the day 4, but i have mum around this week, and i gotta give all my attention to her ;)

Day 4 started with the disembarkation in BCN, and my friend Jhenifer Heloizy were there, at the terminal A, on the BCN cruise port to get me, Fernando and Paul and took us to the Marbella beach, where we had time to catch up and get some sun tan ;)

Then, we had a drink at a traditional Argentinian place, named "leche merengada" (that's sooooooooo good!!!!)...

After that, we had time to come back to the ship, have dinner and get ready to go to the opening party of the "CIRCUIT" in BCN... Shame that we only had time to stay there until 3am, then we had to head back to the ship and we departed towards IBIZA...

So, we head back to our room, and we were getting ready to go to bed (to sleep), and Paul knocked our door and with him were around 6 other guys!!! He asked: "Can we come in?", hehehehhehe...

What do you think i've answered?!?!??!

Of coooooooooourseeeeeee!!!!!! haahhahahah... So, another orgy started, and this one was going to take bigger proportions than the last one, heehhehe...




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Day 3 started kind of late for us, lol...

With the ship arriving in Villefranche (Nice), France. But again we've decided not to go out, and enjoy the great day ahead on board of Celebrity Silhouette.

We had a late breakfast and headed to the gym, once in the gym, we've met this beautiful couple, and they were great with us, and we had lunch together ;)

Then we headed to our room, to get ready to the Dog Tag T-Dance (it was a party, at the poolside where everyone has to wear a dog tag, and you could choose the sticks colors that would suit your mood better...)

RED : Not available

YELLOW: Maybe available

GREEN: Available

2 GREEN: Very Available

I've had 5 green sticks on my dog tag, lol...

So, after a great party, and music by the DJ Joe Gauthreaux, we had an orgy with 8 guys at our room, lol, then got ready for dinner at the Grand Cuvee Restaurant.

And we've danced the night away "Dancing Under The Stars" on deck 12 withthe DJ Wayne G.

After this great party, we just went back to our room, and had a great night sleep ;)

Here are some pics of day 3.

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So, day two started with the ship arriving at Florence - Italy , but we chose not to go sigh-seen, we've just stayed at the ship and enjoyed a great day by the swimming pool... With all those hot guys all over the deck, in swimwear, do you think i would leave that ship to see something that i already know?!?!?1 lol... Nooooooooooo way!!! So, hanging out by the pool, we've met the great Pam Ann, and she was soooo sweet, besides of funny and high energy the whole time!

After lunch, we went for a gym session, and work our bodies out for the party that it was coming later that night... The first themed party for this trip, and it was named "ALL THAT GLITTERS", so, by the name you can imagine that everyone were shinning and glitter were flying all over the ship, lol...

I bet that Atlantis would never dare to do such a party again, because, by the look of the lobby's and our cabin, i think they will take at least a month to clean "all that glitters", hahahahhaha... You had to see our cabin, and our balcony... In the next day, with the sunlight it looked like a million dollars cabin, it was shinning and gold, lol...

Anyway, we've got to the party, and it was amazing fun, music were great, people were full of glitter, and of course me and Fernando as well!!!

The party lasted until about 3:30am, and after that, we went to our cabin, with two hot Brazilian guys, and no need to mention what happened the rest of the night, lol...

So, here are some pics of day 2... Hope you all enjoy it ;)


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So, as i've promised, i will be posting day by day our adventure on this year's Atlantis med cruise...

So, at the first night, we had a gattering at a bar in Rome for all the Atlantis guests that would be in board, so we could get to meet each other and hang out with old friends... it was great, besides of only two hours of meeting (the bar closed really early)....

So, the next morning, we all were packed up and ready to board the ship... How exciting it was that!

We've departed from Rome (Civitavecchia) and head of to Florence/Pisa... The program for the first night were great!!! A welcome party at the deck 12, on the poolside, to say welcome to all Atlantis guests... But, for who were not in the mood of a party, there were also bars, and cafe with live singers and great music...

We've parted until the sunrise, and had a great time with few hot guys at our cabin, lol...

So, after a crazy night, and over 24 hours without sleep, we finally got to rest, and get ready for the next day...



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Hey everyone, i know, it's been a while since i last posted here on my blog, but hey, my holidays are almost over... Now, i am spending a week in Greece for relaxation and detox, lol...

With the Atlantis cruise med 2011, i had a blast!!!! Me and my gorgeous man spent 9 days with the hottest and sweetest man on earth ;) Parties everyday, every-night and of course lots of hot, sweat and insane sex!!!! Orgies, or one-on-one, or just snogging a hot guy at the dance floor... That it was our 10 night on-board of the  Atlantis med cruise 2011, and we could not ask for more...

Amazing places to visit, and great people to meet... Shows and concerts on board were available, such big names as the hilarious Pam Ann , Jim David, Stephen Guarin, Broadway shows, also Allison Jiear, Brad Loekle and Stephen Guarino with " i've never heard of you either!"....

It doesn't stop in there... The variety of restaurants and cafes available were out realitty, since we didn't had time to visit all the permises... But, there's alwayys next year to enjoy the most of it, and having fun once again ;)

I will post galeries of each day spent at the atlantis, so that way you guys can see what was going on trhu every single day/night in the greatest holidays ever!!!!

Want to thank first of all my baby for being around with me the whole time, and for making this holidays even more special than it were.... Also want to thank Rich Campbel and his sweet bf Marino for being such sweet guys all over the trip.... And, last, but not least all my friends from last year's cruise and also the new hot guys we've met and of course had sex with it, lol...

Catch up with all of you next year, and lets have some fun... Atlantis med cruise 2012 here we come!!!!!



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