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Hey everyone. I will give it a break on telling you guys about my Atlantis med cruise 2011 experience, just too many pics to check before upload, and i'm having a bit of a problem with time management.

But, i'm delighted to say that the latest House of XY photo-shoot named "HOTTEST BLUE" is out, and is looking hot, hot, hot!!!

The pictures taken back in June are to be released at the www.houseofxy.com and the shoot took place at the club Eagle in London.

"House of XY is a brand new voice in the media world, with a focus on high-end gay erotica. Based in Amsterdam, its plan is to conquer the world with a fresh take on cock."

And, i'm very happy because it's a really hot, fetish photo-shoot, and of course, the chemistry between me and Fernando showed what hot stuff we have planned for you all over the next months ;)



And much more to come...




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