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Morning everyone!!! Sorry, i haven't post anything yesterday coz i was very tired... So, i will tell you guys how was my day...
First of all, i've got a pretty short notice for this movie (was on friday), and i was pretty excited to work with MENATPLAY again, so i said yes straight away!
Got in there, and met my co-star... A guy named Christian Alexander... Huge muscular bottom, looking good and hot as hell... So, i was just sitting in there and they gave me this 3 pages script to learn and memorize in just 10 mins!!! lol... Of course it was a mess, lol, i have trouble to memorize names, can you imagine what it was memorize something that is not even my main language?!?! lol...
Basicly, i was playing the roll of a 23 YO guy, that was working in this office and his boss call him for a chat about the tigth trousers that he was using without underwear... I had to be very awkward, and nervous in the chat, coz it was my first job and everything... Was soooo funny when we've made mistakes, and In the end, we delivered line by line with the producers help, and finally we've got it rigth and to the fuck scene...
Wow, that guy it was an amazing bottom, and it was great work with him... So, after the sex scene, and christian came while i was fucking him, it was my turn to cum... So, i did! Well, in the end, my cum was all over the set... On the camera, on the walls, on the producer's arms and t-shirt, lol... It was a fun day, and looking forward to see the final scene ;) Pics coming up soon...

Hope y'all like it too...


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  1. UHulllll mal posso esperar….. Desejo muito…. E Boa sorte na parceria com a ManAtPlay!! Sei que são bem competentes!!

  2. Hello Harry. You are too nice to us. I Hope you rest tel today. Thank you for your kintess. Deeply photos. I kiss you hard and Fernando.

  3. Harry, eres genial, estoy deseando ver tu nueva pelicula.
    Un saludo.

  4. I’m afraid Christian doesn’t really do it for me but I’d love to see you in a suit again and see your amazing cumshot.

    Gavin x

  5. Alô Harry. Vc é na realidade genial. A forma como acaba o seu post deixa qualquer um em pulgas para ver as
    De Portugal, vai um desejo sincero de boa sorte para o Brasil eheheheh;)

  6. Yo Harry Dude

    What a hectic life style you lead but major fun though!!! I think I could be your boss in an estate agents scene dude that sounds quite fun!!! Don’t you ever get courious on what we look like writing to you.. we know what you look like but you are just writing to a blank page?? Anyway fantastic job you have …. keep us posted on the pics….. cheers M8!!!!

  7. Bah guri… tu ta de parabéns!!!
    tive o prazer de assistir alguns filmes teus e até então nem imaginava que tu era brasileiro…
    Continue assim, que vai conquistar o mundo.

  8. When will we get to see some pics? I’m dying to see Harry in, half-in and out of, his suit.

    Gavin x

  9. Amazing, Harry! U R one of my favourite actor…
    U R on the right way! Go on!
    We all wanna see more of u!

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