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Hey everyone, well, as everybody knows, i am Brazilian, and mostly all my family are back in Brazil, so, sometimes it's imposible not miss them, and yeah, this weekend i was feeling a bit down and homesick... Thank god i do have my friends here, that i can count on them, and that's really good ;)


So, after the X Factor live show on sat, when Matt Cardle sang "FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOU FACE", it made me remind lots of good moments that i've spend with my family and friends in Brazil, when i was only 15yo, and acctually that song made me very emotional.... Besides the fact i've called all my family to hear they voice, lol, i've took Matt's song and made a little footage of the most special people to me...

There's a world that only exists in Brazilian Portuguese, the meaning is of "missing you", and as we say, lot's of SAUDADE...

SAUDADES de tudo que a gente passou juntos, ANA PAULA E FERNANDA (LITA)...

SAUDADES da comidinha e do carinho da minha AVO MARIA...


SAUDADES de abracar e beijar minha IRMA linda...


SAUDADES do meu PAI...



Well, i have to thank to my friends here in London, who are my "family" over here, ELIANE, YARA, ALEX, ROGERIO, LIZ & FABIO... Thank you very much for being with me at all moments...


And, a huge and special thank to my baby, and my mum, who's so close to me, just here, in Madrid....


There's some other people, who i didnt forgot ;)

Well, enough with the sentimental crap, lol... Sex posts coming up soon ;)

Have a great start to your week, folks...



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  1. Que bacana cara, legal esse seu post. Imagino como deva sentir falta de todos. Mas é como você disse, tem amigos aí… e em certos momentos os amigos são a nossa familia. Que mal pergunte, como disse eu conheci você ontem (entre aspas, claro sauhsuha), você, ou alguma produtora, nunca pensaram e fazer cenas no Brasil? Pergunta boba, mas levando em consideração o fato de tu ser brasileiro.. uma coisa leva a outra… ?

  2. You even looked cute when you were 15. That was a long time ago for me.

    You really do make me laugh. You’re being really serious about being homesick and then finish with “Well, enough with the sentimental crap, lol… Sex posts coming up soon.” LOL But I love that you share your personal life with your fans.

    Gavin x

  3. Btw if there’s anything I casn do to make you feel better just ask.;-)

    Gavin x

  4. You’ve got a heart of gold Harry! :) x Dan x

  5. Awww is so cute to see a part of you that we didn’t know, I know what it feels like when you miss someone (or everyone) being in another country, I live in Argentina but I’m from another country (kinda far away from here), and it is really difficult to not think on your love ones, every single day, but your friends will help on that, cheers honey and I hope you can join your family soon coz Its almost xmas time!

    have a nice day

    • Awwww, how sweet… Yeah, that’s why i do this kind of videos, to help me remeber who i am, and who love me for real ;)
      Its good to feel Homesick sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with it…

      Big kiss…

  6. Harry Louis!
    A primeira veez que eu te vi..nossa quase morri! Um corpo incrivel e um pau maravilhoso! Realmente uma delicia! Mas é bom saber que as estrelas pôrnos tambem tem sentimentos, visto que, muitas pessoas esquecem de vê-las como pessoas normais só que, no seu caso, extremamente lindas e sensuais! kkk Fico feliz em saber que está bem e, não vou mentir, ate me emocionei um pouco! Boa sorte Harry, pode apostar que seus fãns e todos aqueles que te adoram vão sempre estar com você! Esse post só fez minha admiração e carinho aumentar por você! Obrigado por dividir um pouquinho da sua vida conosco! Beijooos – Henrique!

  7. Hey, Harry! I’m a big fan…. I just think seeing family pics with children and all doesn’t quite fit or match with the sex content surrounding your family. I don’t even know why i’m saying that…. whatever. Luv U!

    • Well, it doenst match with sex, you’re rigth… But, my blog is something diferent from the other blogs, where you only see sex, sex, sex… Many times its soooooo fake, that the actor who owns the blog its not even him replying the messages and questions… I am 100% genuine, and like to show people the other side of HARRY LOUIS, the side you cant see on the movies…

  8. He, Harry… I was reading your posts for the first time… Nice to know you better, besides the stallion you show on films… Can I ask you personal stuff? Or will I be too inconvenient? Don´t you like being a button? You´re great as a top, but don´t you know you have a beautiful butt? Have you got a boyfriend? Is that too personal? rsrsrs.

  9. Hola harry bonito post, se ve que tu familia y amigos te han apoyado, creo que eso es lo mas importante… ve que bueno que seas brasileño, tambien soy latino, de colombia, pense que eras del este europeo como rumania o algo asi… pero bien hombre espero andes bien y se ve que eres un buen tipo… suerte man… beijosss desde bogota, colombia.

  10. quem diria que um dia pegava corujao em brasilia pra o guara e fazia pegação no caminho pra tres do guara…. hoje faz pegação com os mais gatos … parabens que pena que sumiu daqui,,, mais foi otimo pq vc esta otimo,.. fico feliz e espero ve-lo de novo! ehh fiquei supreso que esta melhor que antes , abraços

    • hehehehhe, pois eh… nossa, quem diria que alguem lembrasse disso ;) um super beijo, quem quer que seja (pois nao deixou nome), imagino que eramos intimos…

      um abraco


  11. I think you’re cool …. have a big penis ….. and you have fame in the film industry was gay …. your love style is also remarkable …. beat your ass when engaging in sex to make every gay lust .. . but I think you no nothing … hahahaha passions still lost with me …. but I like you …. I never thought you could come here … I live in Indonesia … somehow I see emptiness in your eyes … even if you smile sweetly but seems from the look of your eyes, you save something in which you yourself embarrassed to say …. hello from me …. my name is kyran happy to meet you ….

  12. do not know why your eyes that keep things where you do not dare to say …. everyone has their way of life …. and you choose the path your life like this …. if it makes you glad you can forward it .. .. but if you feel lonely among the crowd ….. you must think why I do this? sometimes the names of feelings and little heart sure will feel deprived …. you already have it all …. but surely you realize that you have the disadvantage that you do not have like other people … because we can not be perfect …. keep on living life harry excited ….. I’m a fan of you … fans who want to see the positive side … because you have family and friends ….. greetings from the land somewhere over the rainbow .. … Indonesian bangkabelitung country …… and I apologize if there is a word that is not willing hearts ….

  13. life is full of color ….. and you get a vivid color that “might” make you happy

  14. hola…..
    sabes en realidad no conosco nada de ti solo lo que cada estreno de tus peliculas me dejan observar (soy taquillero en un cine porno de la ciudad de mexico) es realmente un gran placer conocer una parte de ti que demuestran lo que tus ojos ven. Aquello que realmente representas y que mejor ejemplo para saber lo que vales que ver el gran cariño que tu familia siente por ti. Tal ves jamas en la vida pueda conocerte pero te doy las gracias por compartir este gran tesoro que dios te ha dado !!! tu familia!!! haz de la nostalgia y la depresion un arma indestructible de superacion y que eso se te ayudo para siempre recordad a aquellos que te quieren y que en todo momento estara ahi para apoyarte siempre sonrie ( por que tienes una hermosa sonrisa haa y unos ojos super bellos) y congela cada instante en tu vida. recibe un fuerte abrazo y que este año que comienza este lleno de exitos y salud para ti y para tu famila BYE.

  15. This is cool, how u show all your aspects of your life. its really genuine to see that it is not all about sex. this sold me. biggest fan here from now on.
    At first I though you were middle eastern, but when i found out u where Brazilian it was great. Im hispanic so i kinda relate. Im also in another country away from family and feel homesick sometimes. But as you said , its good to feel this way avery once in a while, you come out of it stronger realizing you have great friends and family who support you.
    Another thing , how is this free ??? lol… you are way to hot to have free websites. Well i guess that says a lot about you. Its not always about the money either , or maybe it is… but not this Time. hehe
    Hope i get through to you.
    Bye and good luck


      • lol man, why!!!!!!!
        naa , just kidding . Don’t work for free.
        Any plans to do movies in Miami? ill like to audition for one, i might be the next one to top u Louis.;)
        How old do u think i am MR?? do i sound like an old guy? hehe
        thanks for reply.

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