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Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend coz i had a great one myself.

Mr Pam came to London last Thursday with mr Michael Lucas and again, i was delighted to have her over my place again...

She's just one of the biggest hearts that i've ever met, and she also have this great energy that it is imposible to just don't like her imediatly (even if she's shooting you fucking, and you say to her "Pam, i'm not confortble here", and she replies "Do you think i am confortble either?")

Harry and Pam

Anyways, we just had a blast looking at pics of me when i was a little child, we were telling histories about our lifes ( and i can tell, that woman has enough histories to write 10 books, lol)

So, i've made this silly video of us, at 3:30am...

Harry Louis & Mr Pam (London, June 2010)

Now she's back to NYC, and i hope to get to see her again very soon... She's a very special person...

Love you Mr Pam, gay porn mum ;)


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