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Fun last night

Hey everyone, hope you guys are all doing alrigth. So, i wanted to share with you guys a very nice documentary i've seen last nigth. It talks about the creation of earth, the damages that we all have done ,how we are fucking all up and that in only few years this world that we know as our home can be tottally devastated by mankind.

When my friends started to show me this movie, i was like : " i dont really into documentarys". But, as soon as the breathtaking images of amazing places all over the world, and all that we spoiled already with our needs to explore and always wanting more and more.

So, here is the link of this amazing movie, named HOME.

In fact, is how we should all feel, at home and  is how we should all act, as if we were at home, taking care of the dust, and all the dirty areas.

Hope you all like it as much as i did. Have a great day everyone!


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