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Hey everyone... I'm delighted to tell you all that i've done my first porn job with a Australian company...

While i was in Berlin, i've shot it BentleyRace, was a solo video, but it turned out to be really hot!!!

BentleyRace its a web that started to be build in 1999 when a photographer took some photos for of the owner and first "star" of BentleyRace. They looked great so he decided to out them up onto a simple gallery only website. He also used the site at the time to find customers as for my very short and unsuccessful career as an escort.
Gradually he added gallery after gallery and ended up with over 100 galleries of photos.
Over the past 5 years he have also been photographing and filming some of his mates.

So his skills both in front and behind the camera have increased greatly.

He started this site so he could show off both his new videos and some of the sexiest guys he come across in Australia and during his vacations overseas.

Many of the guys, (if its not all of them), on BentleyRace are naturally filmed, so, there you can see genuine and natural material...

Hope you all like the final results... Few pics are already availible on the Galleries, and many other to come, plus the video...



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  1. I love You all the time.I really wanna get U harry !

  2. :)

    r u my dream

    i’m cheering u,fighting!!!

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