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Hey everyone, hope everybody is fine ;) So, i've just got the new Bentley Race photoshoot and i would love to share it with you all...

So here, is what Bentley Race said about my shoot : " One of the highlights of my vacation in Berlin was getting to meet Harry Louis. I posted some photos of Harry showering a couple of months ago. These are the shots where Harry came out wearing some skimpy little shorts and long socks. He looked really hot! And as soon as he started posing for me I could see the huge tube in his shorts trying to escape. We took a whole lot of photos, these are just a few of them. I was a bit bummed that we had only met on his last day in Berlin because I would have liked to have done some more shooting with him. I think Harry would look really hot posing outdoors."

So, i hope you all like it, and watch out for the new up coming movie at www.bentleyrace.com



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