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Hi everyone, wanted to share with you all, my most recent video with UKNAKEDMEN.COM and Ashley Ryder.

Basicly, the history is about a motivated seller and an eager, ambitious estate agent. In the current climate young men are forced to go the extra mile to sell London properties. Ashley Ryder is one such young man, and what lengths he's prepared to go to to unload an apartment....
Like offering up his juicy arse to prospective buyer Harry Louis's fat, hard, uncut cock to clinch a sale, and wow does this guy take a hammering from Harry's hot tool until his seed is surging up and spraying all over Ashley, from naval to forehead and a little bit further. Two hot naked men, one contract signed, everyone's happy... that's what they mean by a 'hard sell'.

By clicking on the link below, you can watch a preview of my latest movie. Hope you all like it ;)



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  1. Hello Harry ! Thank you very much for this video. Thank You. You are very nice. This make the difference with other porn stars. Your slip is very beautiful, very sexy. I kiss you tenderly.

  2. Thank you dear Harry. Can you write me on my mail ? I kiss you tenderly Harry. Thank you very much

  3. You look gorgeous as always Harry. I’m not keen on Ashley but you’ll learn pretty quickly that I’m really fussy about my porn stars. You’re definitely amongst my favourites though.

    Gavin x

  4. great video, love all the ones you do and the photo sets sexy man

  5. Ta gostoso em… parabens harry.Pena que você não faz passivo em filmes, adoro ver um cara com um pinto desse porte balançando enquanto cavalga. Desculpe os termos mas é que você é um tesão mesmo rsrsrs. Abraços

  6. I prefer another actor with you Harry, i love your body, have a good week

  7. Yo Harry

    I have recently had my first experiance and got a GT, where i got your website details from, thank god I got it, cool looking at your profile and updates, loved the Romanian entry on Eurovision, cant stop playing and love your vids… got to get the full version. I am sure I could have been the estate agent though ..heheh!!! Cool M8 keep them coming!! Thanks dude!!!

  8. Yo Harry Dude

    Consider the house up for sale, and my new career an Estate Agent .. i await your call dude…hehehe!!! Thanks for replying!!! What other films have you done??

    Cheers Scott

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