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So, earlier today Brazil had they first match in the 2010 worldcup and it was amazing. As a good Brazilian, i watched the match at home, with friends and i almost lost my voice, lol... But in the end, Brazil did great, and i'm very proud that we've won our first match and looking forward to the next one...

Not that i'm interested in football things, but is worldcup and we might be 6 times world champions!!!

So, go Brazil!!!

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    • Tb adooooooooooooro minha amiga Lee Simons!!! Tah achando?!??! Ate a Kardashian ama nosso Brazil!!!! Beijos e saudadesssssssss!

  1. I’m not interested in football either or sport in general but at least it got you posting.

    Gavin x

  2. I didn’t know you were brazilian, Harry…
    Where are you from?

  3. Que surpresa boa!

    Good to know, Harry. I am from Minas too (Caratinga/Zona da Mata) and live in London now. All the best and may all your wishes to come true… and by he way, I’ve ordered your dildo… let’s see how you I hanle you! ;-)

    • Oi Leonardo, um prazer te conhecer.. Bom, a gente nao esta tao longe entao… Como vivo aqui em Londres tb. Um abracao. Espero poder conhecer esse meu conterraneo mineirinho um dia ;) Abracos


  4. I meant: How I handle you!

  5. Vai ser um prazer, Harry!

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