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I'm posting this again for those who haven't seen it... Dunno why but the post seemed to be deleted by accident, and since i've been traveling so much lately, i haven't got time to upload all this pics again...

Madrid pride took place at the heart of Madrid, the Gran Via, and it was filled up with more than 2 million people!!! The energy, and the atmosphere it was wicked and it was so great to see so many people marching against racism, and all fighting for our rights, for equal rights!!!

Plus, the music and the 40 degrees gave a "final touch" to this amazing day...

Here are few pics that we've managed to take, but i can tell, it was insane walk that Gran Via... It took us 7 hours to complete the whole thing!!!

PS: pay attention to the blonde girl with me in mostly of the pics... she's my mum, and i'm so proud to have her with me 24/7, and she loves the idea of being around gays 24/7, lol...


More pics and videos to come really soon ;)