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Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend ;)
So, everyone knows that Brazil won again, and we are on step closer to be 6 times world champions ;)
Spent they day with Brazilian friends and now just got back home, and have to get a great nigth sleep coz tomorrow i have a shoot with MenAtPlay where as far as i know i will be playing the roll of a young office boy that fucks his boss, lol... Can't wait to get my hands in that guy named Christian Alexander (the person i will be co-starring). He is a very hot 38 yo man from Germany ;)
Tomorrow, during the day ya'll check it out my twitter, for pics of the shoot ;)

Have a great nigth everyone!!!


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  1. As I don’t watch the football I didn’t know Brazil won again (though I do know how badly England is doing LOL!). It’ll be great to see you in a suit again for MAP. I just hope Christian isn’t the usual MAP “type” they seem to use these days (although you don’t seem to fit their “type”).

    Gavin x

    • That’s true Gavin, i’m not their “type”of guy, but it seems that they liked my previous work, and it seems also that people like it ;) So, looking forward to see the final scene with the hot CHRISTIAN ;)


  2. I watched the game yesterday, a big fan of Brasil. Please tell the guys at MenAtPlay to dress you with nice black socks while you are doing your job with him. ( i am a member of they web page) I have all your movies, i am a big fan of yours.

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