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  1. jack josep
    hello harry louis my pregunta es como es que tu
    no te metiste al mundo del modelage desde un principio
    en vez de entrar en la pornografia solo creo que nose alguien como tu
    deberia querer mas o almenos dime que te dijo tu familia respecto a este
    te ma de ser actor porno digo realmente me parece interesante saber lo q te dijeron respecto a este tema y como es que te diste cuenta que querias estar con tu actual pareja sales bye xoxo y espero con ansia tu respuesta

  2. Hey Harry, what’s up dude? Man… You’re just amazing, there is no other porn star like you! Don’t u miss us, brazillians? We’re from the same land. To me that’s a reason to be proud of… Besides that do u have something like twitter?
    So… succeed in everything u’r doing, cuz we know, we saw, how great u do that! CHEERIO

  3. hola harry!!
    no se si esto lo leas tu o sea otro el que responda pero bueno por intentarlo nada cuesta.
    hace mucho que te descubri y desde entonces me encantas.
    no se puede ser mas guapo, estar mas bueno, ser mas sexy…lo tienes todo.
    que decir de tus peliculas y de lo que tienes entre tus piernas…FANTASTICO.
    de mas esta decir que conocerte, solo verte seria algo alucinante.
    espero que todo te vaya genial y que sigas haciendo feliz a la gente con tu sonrisa.
    un beso y abrazo

  4. Asi que vienes a Madrid para el orgullo… eres un listillo xD.

    Voy a llevar un collar bastante guay… si te veo, te lo regalo.


  5. I would to know if you will come to PERU someday, i wish u were here, and show us allyour talent, congratulations, i’ll be your first fan, and hope we can be friends…

  6. Hi Harry…First of all, I wanted to let you know that you are GORGEOUS!!!. I’m such a huge fan. Second, this is more of a personal question. Do you and your boyfriend have an open relationship? How does he feel about you being in the porn industry? And do you both bring a third person to be intimate with?


  7. Again not a question but in case you didn’t get my direct message via Twitter I’ve done a new blog post on you with a link to your blog (and I’ve put you back on my list of favourite blogs. I’m also planning on signing up to Lucas Entertainment’s website so I can see your scene from Pissed On when it’s uploaded on the site.

    Gavin x

  8. How would a fan get to meet you in person? Would it have to be through a personal appearance (like a Pride event) or as an escort? I’m going to be in London at the beginning of September and would love to meet you.

  9. Will you be doing more live chats and will you be getting a webcam for the live chats. Live chats are pretty pointless if we can’t see you. I don’t mean that as an insult but any other site that does live chats use webcams.

    Gavin x

    • Hey Gavin, i cannot do a live chat with cam unless i get paid for it… It seems that people want to see me, but they dont want to pay me for that, so its not worthed the time and effort spent on it, as i am very busy….



  10. que onda harry!!! veo que te fue muy bien en madrid!! me encantaria conocer esos lugares en donde estuviste!!! y uff claro algun dia lo pasara solo que no vas a estar ahi mmm que lastima!! (>_<) un abrazote!!

  11. Hey Harry,

    I hope you’re ok with me. I’m still a massive fan and love you lots.

    Gavin x

  12. Hello Harry,

    You are absolutely one beautiful man. When are you going to bottom on screen?

  13. Hi Harry,

    Just joined UK Naked Men just to see all you films on there!!! :) Will you being more for them?

  14. Não sabia que tu es Brasileiro, eu levei o MAIOR SUSTO, eu fiquei CHOCADO!
    Eu sempre achei que você fosse Inglês, NATO, você tem o perfil, branquinho, pauzudo.

    But, my question is, are you top? I mean, your sexual prevalence, is it to be a top, or are you just top because your top performance on screen is better, can I ever expect you to go bottom? I LOVE versatile guys, and btw I’m a fan of yours…

  15. Hey Harry,

    Just posted some pics of you from Pissed On on my blog. It looks so hot. Scene goes live at Lucas Entertainment on Monday. Was this your first watersports experience and, if so, how was it?

    Gavin x

    • Yeah Gavin, it was mad do it!!! I can’t even piss besides my bf, lol… But for my first pissing scene, it was great!!!

  16. Anyone know where Harry’s disappeared to? It’s been 5 days since his last blog post and a week since his last Tweet.

    I hope he’s ok!

    Gavin x

  17. hi harry,

    my question is can i rent you for sex, i will pay very very good

  18. Do you have an Arab blood, you look like one of them?

  19. Harry! You are one of the best porn actors of this time! You have passion, you are sexy and do a great job! It always a pleasure to see you in action!


    Você tem muitos fãs brasileiros, cheque nos sites brasileiros o quão você é bem comentado ;)

  20. hey when did you first had sex? how was it?

  21. when did you have your first sex? how did it go?

  22. Turns out it was your scene from Passion with Rio Silver and Jonathan Agassi that was uploaded. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the video to work properly.

    Btw if you could bottom for Michael Lucas would you?

    Gavin x

  23. Hey Harry!! First of all, i have to say I LOVE YOU!! hehe, =P
    Now, i have a question. Why don’t you came to Andalusia? For example, Sevilla? It would be so wonderful to meet you in person. I need to do it hehe.
    (Sorry for my english, i have to practice more xP)


  24. OMG nice to see that, where can I buy it?

  25. I mean, I’m sorry, but are you sure? The casting coach video he performs in top position (fucking Lucas Rocha)



  28. But your fans want to see you bottom. Even though you’re a great top.

    It’s great to have you back at last. I’ve missed you.

    I’ve also done a couple of blog posts on Passion and Pissed On.

    Gavin x

  29. P.S. I can’t wait to see your scene from Pissed On which gets loaded up at Lucas Entertainment’s website tomorrow.

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