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So, I'm in Madrid for the gay pride, and i am just having such a great time, seeing all my friends from long time ago, and of course getting to know new people!!!

Today i've been with my mum, my gorgeous bf and few friends to "plaza de Chueca", and we've had few drink, in the nice, and hot sunny day of Madrid ;)

Here are some pics of my first day in Madrid...

Much more to come really soon ;)



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  1. Amor da minha vida, estou impressionado como vc é a cara da sua mãe. Tal mãe tal filho,. nossa vcs são lindos.
    Nossa o baby tbm está um gato. Bjs enorme em toda a família.

  2. Harry. With the Post’s new every time, increases my admiration for your character

  3. Harry your Mother is very pretty as I’m sure you already know. :-) These pics are gorgeous!

  4. looks good in sunny Madrid, and im sure the streets look even better with two oh so sexy guys strutting their stuff. Work the room Harry and Fernando…..

  5. hey harry you know what i like so much about you; that you also show another side of you by showing pictures of family and friends because i also think that is the most important thing in life.. i wish you the best :) much love x

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