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Hustlaball London 2011 it was a great fun!!! For who don't know what's the party is about, the whole thing is about pornstars performing live on stage, dark rooms, and no limits for sex!!! So, anyone is welcome to wear a jockstrap, leather, rubber, etc...

So, last sat, the 11th of June, Hustlaball took place in the club Fire, in London. A great a steamy sexual atmosphere took over the place, and sex was all up in the air!!!

I was with my gorgeous partner Fernando Kairon, and we've perfomed few sets together, and also with the hot stuff Rafael Alencar!!! We've had a great time on stage, and out of stage, lol...

Another hot porn stars were at the party, and it was great to meet them... Such hot guys as Kyle King, Samuel Colt, Austin Wilde, Ben Brown, Jay Roberts, and my biggest crush ever ROMAN HEART!!! OMG, i couldn't believe i was in the same stage as him, and those lips were just... erm, no further comments, lol...

So, here are some of the pics i've got with my camera, but i will post during the week few more steamy pics while on stage, just need time to get them with the hustlaball photographers ;)






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  1. Oh lindo q festa heim, parece q foi bapho mesmo. Vc fica só fazendo inveja na gnt, hehe (brincadeirinha). As fotos são mesmo quentes como deve ter sido a festa. Bj te amo. E o baby tbm, kkk.

  2. As usual, you are wonderful ..
    How I hope to meet you one day
    Muhammad. Jerusalem

  3. There’s nobody really hotter than Harry and Fernando.

    Gavin x

  4. beautiful photos, I’m crazy prara see more, I’m your fan know you are very sexy, I’ve dreamed about you numerous times, I’ve watched all your movies

  5. ole. as always harry, you and your sexy BF fernando are scintillating HOT. luv the haircuts!

  6. Harry… u are only one porn star that i loved and wanna to be for one night

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