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So guys, this is the moment i've been waiting for since the Hustlaball London 2011, which took place at the club Fire in Vauxhall...

With courtesy of CrhisGeary.co.uk, i've got some amazing pics of our performances on stage... Me, my hot stuff bf Fernando Kairon and Rafael Alencar had a great time while on stage, and you can see by yourselfs on the pics...


There's also a video at CHRISGEARY.CO.UK of the party and a performances ;)


Hope you liked it, coz i've had great fun!!!





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  1. What’s not to like?

    Gavin x

  2. tô apopletica com essa festa!

  3. Amor da minha vida, MEU DEUS, q isso. Noooosssa gozei só de ver. Aff que suruba heim? Adooooooro, kkkkkkk.
    Só deu Brasil então no Hustlaball London 2011, hehe. O Brasil tá dominando o mundo, kkkk
    Te amo viu?

  4. WOW, TOO HOT. oh so SEXY. Harry and Fernando must have left all at the club absolutely breathless……

  5. hey dude, were I can see the full video of your performance??

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