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Hey everybody, i want to start this post with an apologise for being such long time without posting anything....

Were so busy lately, that, didnt quiet had time to sit down in front of my computer and write nice things here.

Anyway, i'm here now, and ready to share lots of nice things with you lot ;)

While i was away, i've been in Scotland, Brussels, Oslo, rigth now in Berlin, and on monday making my way to spend christimas with my mum in Madrid!!! yay!!!

So, i promise i've got lots of new pics for you all, and new works as well ;)

Send you all a big, big kiss... And dont miss out the post this week ;)


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  1. Great to have you back Harry. I’ve missed you.

    Gavin x

  2. I just watched your scene (well part of it ;-) — in 6 feet of Meat. It was so hot I to find out more about you. Great wishes next year with whatever you do.


  3. where are you staying here in madrid? i would like to meet you! cuz im almost now here in this new world. thnks! bisous! :)

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