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Here we have a sneak peak of "HARRY' APPRAISAL" by menatplay, coming out on friday, 16th of July...


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  1. Hi dude.. you back good and proper – thought we had lost you!!!! Anyway loving the new film .. will be checking it out – I am sure i could be your new boss as well as your Estate Agent ….Kewl……and get up too those kind of tricks….. ok ctahc you latert anyway


  2. Hey Harry! Do you have a photo of you pissing from Pissed On? Or how about just any pic of you pissing? That’s hot!! I hope you do more of it in the future.

  3. Great to have you back Harry – just watch the full video on Men at Play and you were fantastic – best cum shot I’ve ever seen…and you hit the camera with it!!!!

  4. Harry has to be one of the best cumshooters ever. It’s amazing to watch.

    Gavin x

  5. Just saw another clip from this scene (and posted it on my blog and linked back to here as always) as it was SO damn hot. The first time I saw pics of Christian Alexander I didn’t think he was all that hot but seeing him in the videoclips he’s really sexy.

    Gavin x

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