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Resume of my week!!!

Hi everyone, i'm sorry for taking so long to post an update but my week have been so busy, that i could only find sometime to do it now, so here we go...

Lets started by my night out at hustlaball... Was a great nigth, i've met the hottest guy in the world that i've been dreamed of meet for the last 3 years... Porn legend Michael Lucas!!! And also met lots of nice and cool people ;)

So, tuesday morning mr. Pam arrived in London... She is the "camera grrl" of Lucas entertainment and creative director of the hottest gay porn company... She's just insane, and i never felt so confortble naked with a hard on with a woman before, she's kind of a gay, but with a great heart and super energy....

So, my first scene were on wednesday at my place and i had a duo with Jonathan Agassi and Rio... Were a very hot scene and we finished up with a piss scene all over Rio... Was very hot, considering that i've never could piss in front of anyone, not even my bf, lol...

So today my dream came true ;) I had a scene with Michael Lucas, the hottest man in the world!!! I've got to kiss that amazing lips and he managed to eat my ass (i've never ever had my ass on camera before)!!! It was a great scene, with me and Michael double fucking Dean Moroe, and i couldn't take my eyes of Michael's beautiful face... So, right now, after this great day, i off to bed, and im sure that i will dream with what just happened for at least a month or two, lol...

The movie should be coming out anytime in July, so, watch out...

So, that was my week... iT'S BEEN SO WICKED AND NICE, THAT I WONT FORGET IT!!!

Special thanks to Michael Lucas, Mr. Pam and Jonathan Agassi...

Love to all...


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  1. Can’t wait too see it Harry! Also hope you bottom for all your fans soon, we are all dying to see you take a big cock!

  2. No, don’t bottom Harry … your real fans enjoy your extremely talented topping skills!

    • Hey Harry fan… Thanks for your message… Well, it’s nothing certain yet, so, dont worry… I’m still the super top that you all like to see ;)



  3. The 3some with Michael Lucas were just the best!!!! I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time… Hope you guys like the final scene. Out in July ;)


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