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Hey everyone, i'm so sorry for been such a long time away...

But hey, now i have some time off at the hotel to share my first week of holidays with all of you...

It started las monday, the 16/08 when i went to Ibiza with all my friends... Greatest week in Ibiza ever... It was so much fun all the parties, and the amazing days laying on the beach... I even got some tan, and now my bum is whiter than ever!!! lol...

Here's some pics of my last week's parties and fun time in Ibiza...

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  1. Hey Harry,

    Great to hear from you. You’re entitled to a holiday the same as the rest of us so don’t worry if we don’t hear from you.

    Thanks for the naughty pics that I asked for. I love that white ass! Lol. You’re a true star!

    Gavin x

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