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Hi y'all, as i've posted yesterday, today i had a new shoot with MAP, and it was great as always...

My scene partner were one of the sexiest french guy i ever met ISSAC JONES...

He was playing the role of a french teacher, and played few jokes in french, take the advantage that i could not speak French, but what he didn't expected it was that needs more than words to understand each other ;)

I was playing a student, in a French particular class, so, i did not worn a suit this time with MAP, for the disappoint of many that likes to see HARRY LOUIS in a suit...

But overall it was a great, sexy, steamy scene... And another great cum shot "coming", lol...

Keep up with my updates, i will let you all know, first hand, when i get pics, and dates of release...


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  1. Nossa meu Deus, q delícia heim?
    Lindo, a foto tá ótima, essa cena vai ser uma delícia de assistir, assim como foi uma delícia de fazer, como vc disse.
    Esse Issac eh tudo de bom, parece ser bom de cama, é mesmo?
    Mais uma vez, parabéns!!!! Sucesso!!!!

  2. He is cute! I can’t wait!

  3. Very sexy Harry!.

  4. hi harry, i want to meet you…xxx

  5. On the strength of this photo, you two look to be a Combustible Pair !!

  6. hi harry, the french boy are so sexy , i know that because I’m french ^^
    I love what you do . So I love you

  7. harry did u enjoy snogging him & was it wet?? xxx

  8. Just watched the new MAP video, as always you were amazing!
    Kudos, you are such a natural.
    Keep up the good work. Hugs Matt

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