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Is out another fun video of me with Lucas entertainment...

This time i was beeing a tourist guide here in London ( not a great, but a fun one)...

So, there's some fun time with Mr. Pam, and Fernando, don't not forgeting to mention the Queen and the Pigeons, lol...

Below is a link where you all can see London presented by me!!!


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  1. Hello!
    I don’t even know if you will actually read this message, but I try anyway.
    I saw you on a couple videos that can’t be posted on youtube (why denying? sometimes I like to watch them :P ), but I just discovered videos like this one, or your photo slides with your family on your youtube channel. I didn’t see the hot guy and everything, I rather saw a nice person who loves his family and has got good friends. That made me think of my situation: I’m 23 years old like you and I live in Italy, where prejudice is really widespread. I tried to tell my parents I’m gay, but they just started getting angry and crying and talking about “curing” me. So I pretended it was just a phase and still live “in the closet”. Can’t imagine if I told them I do the same job as you (I don’t, and I don’t think I could ever because of my belly, that was just a “what if”). The least they could have done me would have been sending me out of home.
    So I wanted to congratulate you not on your muscles or your intimate parts, but on your family, that supports and loves you, and your boyfriend and everyone nest to you. You are a lucky guy, and I hope you’ll have a brighter and brighter future in front of you, as to career and life in general.
    Hugs from Italy!

    • Hey S. Joe, i’m so sorry to hear that your parents aren’t stand by your side at this point of your life, and i just have something to say to you…. TIME…. It’s the best medicine to “cure” anything, and if its there anyone who needs to be cured, this ones, with all respect are your parents, that should love you the way you are happy… And you are the same age as me, so, very young… Look, don’t do anything that you will regret later on… I’m very blessed to have my mum, who loves me and really stand by me always, but wasnt like this always, and when i was 15, i did the same thing you did, and her reaction was the same as your parents… But, with the time, she understood and saw how happier i was being gay, being ME!!!

      Big kiss, and never give up!


    • Hi S. Joe
      awww. you are so sweet and your email was so touching. Yes, Harry is right. All will work out with TIME. Hopefully your parents will come around… but for some reason they don’t, they suck! Never ever doubt that you are a wonderful, brilliant, loved person and there is nothing wrong with being gay & loving to be with boys more than girls. Gay people have more fun anyway!!!!

      You may have to “choose” your family if your parents choose to be assholes, Chosen family of close friends who will love and support you for the rest of your life. All will work out – and most importantly, be yourself – do what you love and be kind to yourself and others.

      I’m 37 now, my mom freaked out too when I came out to her when i was 22. I’m bisexual and film gay porn for a career… talk about a mind fuck for my family! lol! But ultimately, they want me to be happy. And I LOVE my career and I love both boys and girls and my mom loves me for who I am because I am happy. Yes, it took a couple years but it all works out.

      Sending you strength and big hugs and support from New York City!!!
      love mr. Pam

  2. Harry, eu adoro você! Para mim se existe um homem perfeito, ele é você. Seu sorriso e seu jeito masculino, mas ao mesmo tempo muito fofo, me deixam doido. Parabéns para você, e muito sucesso em tudo que fizer. Tudo de bom…

    Um beijão do seu fã, Junior MS.

  3. oi harry eu aprecio muito o seu trabalho, acho vc alem de muito bonito com esse corpo saradao delicia tudo de bom, meu sonho de consumo e queero saber se vc tem algum site de relacionamento com msn, orkut ou twitter, beijos


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