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After a long pride weekend in Brussels, we just got back to the hotel from the last party, and it was so much fun... Was soooooooooo good to see old friends that i haven't seen in the past 4 years, plus the amazing atmosphere and chemistry between everything and everyone!!! Met so many nice people and hot cute guys too... OMG, kissed lots of them, lol!!! Just much more what i expected...
Now, feeling so tired and having a breakfast in bed before sleeping the whole day!!! Have a great day everyone!!!


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  1. Glad you had a great time. You always look so sexy.

  2. Whoa!…what a spread…wish I could be there :) Have you two made it to the States yet? -Erik in Santa Barbara, CA. (My 1st post here btw)

  3. Hi Harry, i send you a big hug from Colombia, you are a handsome man.

  4. with so many gay guys in such close quarters I would’ve expected at least some frolicking haha

  5. hi harry! i’m such a big fan fan of you and all your videos, i’ve got each one of them and i think they were all AMAZING, i hope to see a bunch more of them in the future, you are extremely hot

  6. Oi Harry! Glad you had a great time in Brussels!
    Pelo visto foi muuuuito bom hein? rs
    uma otima semana p vc

  7. I love u. :-)

  8. Hey Harry .. discover u recently .. Love u .. eh eh .. So sexy …
    would love to bupd into you in the gay pride in Brussels . next year may be eh eh
    can u give me the name of the movies u appear, specially the Bjorn one .?
    Thanks à lot and a big kiss

  9. when u will come to asia?

  10. What a breakfast! I want the sausage in the grey shorts !! YUMMY :)

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