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So, i've spent the last nigth doing the fotage of the videos and pics taken at Brussels 2010 gaypride...

Me and my boys we had so much fun together, doing Lady Gaga & Beyonce dialogues, lol...

Hope you all like it!!!!


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  1. Great video. Thanks for sharing. I know this might sound silly but I think the last time I heard you speak was in your audition video for Men At Play and I can’t believe how good your English is now (but then you have been living in the UK for a while now).


  2. Ahah too funny!
    I love your smile *_*

  3. M8 I am new to all this and have seen you pic in the GT and decided to look you up on gthe internet ….. very cool m8 i like what I see and you look like you have great fun with ya m8′s cant wait for next update!! PS Goof choice of music!!!!!

  4. M8 typing error GOOD choice of music.. typed a bit quick

  5. Look, name it one pornstar that makes live chats with web cam, without get paid for it and i will shut up…

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