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Hi everyone, hope you are all alright... As you all know, i've posted yesterday about my shoot with Eurocream and i had a great day, shooting with them...

Maxwell B was the director of this project named Hung Ladz.

The lovely photographer Lorenzo Rosi, and the hot Danny co-starring with me in this hot scene.

Here are some hot pics from the shoot today, hope you all like it.



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  1. Nice pictures harry ;)
    Look like your having fun there :L :D

    DANNN ;)

  2. Also do u have facebook?
    share the link :D ?

    DANNN ;)

  3. good stuff Harry

  4. Unfortunately Daniel’s not really my type but I’m always happy to see you naked.

    Gavin x

  5. Cool M8 Like what i am seeing – thought that you would be having fun yesterday!! Jammy Daniel…heheh


  6. Thanks Gavin… You’re sweet as always!

  7. Hello Harry ! Big thank you for your so beautiful photos. I like you naked. I kiss you everywhere and Fernando. I like you !

  8. Oh Harry, you are so sexy! I wish you could fuck me ALL NIGHT LONG!

  9. Dude Harry you are amazing! Great pics. And PLEASE show us more of your BEAUTIFUL ASS ;) !!!

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