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This is where you come to read my diary,

Love, Harry xxx

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  1. Great Blog!

  2. hi harry. u r a great porn star. definatly the best. i love your style of porn, so masterful and sexy. have you thought about doing any work for blakemason.com
    you would look great with them. they use ordinary guys as well as some really hunky ones. im not affiliated with them though but just thought you might like the idea. anyway, hope to see a lot more of you

  3. well fit, sexy and hot. love to have you all to myself.

  4. Lol i remember the first time i saw u back in like 2006-07 i was going through random porn and saw this vid called decoration and since then i’ve been searching and watching your work. i just cant belive i have found your offical site where i can talk to you :)


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